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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
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Once you trust “Drywall Repair El Monte” for the removal of your popcorn ceiling, you can expect excellence and quality work. We plan according to your needs, take into consideration the requirements of your ceiling, make our own evaluations, prepare the room, and carry on with the service. Our dynamic crew removes the popcorn texture, treats the surface of the drywall, checks for problems, offers the necessary ceiling repairs, and applies another fresh coating. It's a rather long procedure but it is done fast,since we work with the crème of professional Popcorn ceiling removal contractors, and assure you that your ceiling will be fixed perfectly.

Ceiling repair specialists for acoustic removal

Are you wondering why it is important to remove your popcorn ceiling? If it was textured a few decades ago, popcorn possibly contains asbestos. By removing popcorn, we also remove asbestos from your life since it's harmful. Popcorn was preferred for its high insulation properties and the aesthetics of the sixties. Today, there are tens of more choices for modern aesthetics and more healthy ways to insulate your ceiling. If you want the ceiling insulation replaced, let our team know. We pay attention to every little detail in order to ensure popcorn is removed properly and its dust hasn't travelled to the other rooms.Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Are you wondering why you should choose Drywall Repair El Monte for your popcorn removal needs? It is due to our phenomenal service and care that listens to the client, plans the job ahead, arrives fully prepared, carries state of the art tools, and retains a wealth of experience that is expected from professionals. As specialized drywall repair technicians, all issues related to the ceiling will be fixed efficiently. The skilled technicians have the knowhow to meticulously remove popcorn without scratching the drywall and are great texturing contractors. All services related to your popcorn ceiling and your needs are completed by specialized residential popcorn ceiling removal experts and that's why our work is exceptional. If you need more information, contact us.

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